Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tea Chest

I bought a beautiful Alokozay tea chest.
It was only 60 dirhams and has sooooo many different flavoured tea bags inside.
I have now discovered Raspberry tea and am obsessed with it!
I just had to share this, as everyone who comes to visit me has commented on how great it is. It is currently the center piece on my large coffee table. It's so useful as now my guests can choose what flavour tea they want easily. It has Mint tea, Moroccan mint tea, Peach tea, Lemon tea, Raspberry tea, Blackcurrant tea, Earl Grey, Green tea, Black tea, Cinnamon tea and Orange tea. Unfortunately it does not have my favourite Cardamom tea, but I will add it to the chest when it begins to have space.

I love tea!