Monday, July 1, 2013

JW Marriott Evening Brunch

Yes Yes I haven't been blogging lately as I've been out brunching too much! So after the JW Marriott Brunch at The Marketplace I have decided it will be my last one for a while. Partly because it wasn't as amazing as the Mistral brunch and partly because I don't really eat that much!

On Thursday nights JW Marriott opens three of its restaurants for the brunch so you can taste different cuisines.
The Marketplace served international food and I enjoyed some of my Arabic favourites and a nice roast turkey dinner.
I then ventured into the German restaurant...then walked straight out. A massive red sign saying PORK scared me away.
I then excitedly went into the Bamboo lagoon which served Asian food. I had squid, shrimp, crispy duck and pancakes etc It was my favourite!
I then wanted some dessert, which was situated in the scary German restaurant. I bravely went and got some creme brulee and brownie cake. However I was convinced there was alcohol in some of the desserts so I stayed away. (Probably wasn't I was just being paranoid...PORK).

Anyway as soon as I got home I was itching terribly! I went to sleep thinking nothing of it. I then woke up the next morning with a rash all over my body and realised it was because I was allergic to shrimp! Ahhh!
I took an antihistamine and felt much better.

So no more brunches for me for a while....Ramadan's coming up...Iftar buffet's galore...why do I love food so much?

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