Friday, April 12, 2013

Kaleidoscope buffet at Atlantis

Yesterday I visited the Kaleidoscope buffet at the Atlantis hotel. There was a group of four of us and we had two entertainer vouchers so it cost just under 400aed.
The theme for Thursday night was 'Arabic' - perfect!

When we arrived we had a look around the aquarium and then a waitress told us about the buffet. Kaleidoscope have a range of foods- Indian, Italian, Thai, European etc etc but they had extra Arabic dishes that night.
When I got my first plate I did not actually know where to start so ended up with prawn crackers, tabouleh, houmous, cheese pizza and sushi! I went back to the buffet several times trying different types of food- falafel on sticks, chinese chicken and rice, more pizza! I actually can't remember everything I ate!

Then came time for the desserts! WOW! I had my favourite tiramisu, jelly, fruit in the chocolate fountain, a variety of cakes and pastries, cola bottles and a lollypop! They also had a delicious hazelnut More cafe ice cream.

It was a truly delicious experience however I believe the price was too much especially since I eat very little portions. We were lucky that we did have the entertainer vouchers! Anyway I quite enjoyed the wide variety of foods available at the buffet and am thinking about trying some other buffets in Dubai. Suggestions welcome!

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